dreamnipotence consciousness programs

Information Session

1-hour FREE information session:

Learn about what dreamnipotence consciousness is and how to create the life you dream of by knowing yourself, being yourself and believing in yourself.

You have everything you need!

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Creating Awareness

This 4-hour program will focus on creating awareness of the steps used to develop dreamnipotence consciousness and how to use them daily to enhance your ability to know, be and believe in yourself.

You have everything you need!

Week 1: Notice the noise. (Breathe)
How noisy is your world? Noise and distractions are all around us and as if that isn’t enough, there are those voices in your head. Become more aware of the noise (external and internal) and how to use your breath to quiet it.

Week 2: Identify YOU. (Feel)
Who are you, really? The answer to this question is not something to be explained, it is something to be experienced – it is a feeling. Become more aware of who YOU are (and are not) by feeling it rather than trying to define it.

Week 3: Notice your alignment. (Choose)
How does it feel when something is out of alignment? Think of your car, or your body when your back or neck is ‘out’. Become more aware of your thoughts, words, and actions, and how they align with the truth of who you are (that feeling we need to stay connected to).

Week 4: Embody your magnificence. (Create)
What do you believe about yourself? We create our reality based on our beliefs (whether we are aware of them or not). Become more aware of how your beliefs create your reality and create a belief that serves you (your magnificence).

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Creating Change

Prerequisite: creating awareness

This 8-hour program will focus on creating change in your life by building on the awareness you have created. Step deeper into dreamnipotence consciousness by using your breath, your body and your imagination to create the life you truly desire.

Step into the driver’s seat of your experience in life, you have everything you need!

Module 1: Quiet the noise
Learn to slow things down and disengage from the noise around you.

  • Week 1: Your body – your greatest tool
  • Week 2: Your mind – quieting the inner noise

Module 2: Know yourself
Connect with the feeling of you. This is your inner wisdom.

  • Week 3: Who am I? – discover your truth

Module 3: Be yourself
Bring awareness to and practice being aligned, being in the moment and being with the truth.

  • Week 4: Be aligned – aligning your thoughts, words and actions with your inner wisdom
  • Week 5: Be present – learn to be in the moment
  • Week 6: Be with what is – letting go of expectations, assumptions, judgments (shoulds)

Module 4: Believe in yourself
Use your unlimited power of belief to create the life you dream of.

  • Week 7: What’s my Ultimate? – create your belief

Module 5: Moving forward
Continue developing your dreamnipotence consciousness.

  • Week 8: Evolution – Create your own personal plan

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