About dreamnipotence

What is dreamnipotence consciousness?

‘Knowing the truth of who you are and consciously aligning with that truth to create more peace, joy and fulfillment in your life.’

Consciousness is about having awareness, particularly of something within yourself. dreamnipotence consciousness is created by having the awareness of your true self and using that as the foundation for the way you experience life.

It is about having a willingness to:

  • try on different experiences, perhaps uncomfortable or unfamiliar at first; to discover your truth,
  •  have compassion for yourself; this is a journey,
  • have the courage to live your truth; aligning your thoughts, words and actions with what feels right for you,
  • allow yourself to fully experience life; without resistance or attachment,
  • be present; have your attention in this moment, not on regrets from the past or fears of the future,
  • be with what is; not the way you think it should be,
  • cultivate beliefs that serve you; that align with your truth, will move you forward, and give you strength in times of difficulty, and
  • create a life of peace, joy and fulfillment; you deserve nothing less!
Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be the global hub for inspiring and supporting you to create a more joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life – by truly knowing, being and believing in yourself. 

Our Mission

To create the space for you to experience dreamnipotence consciousness. We offer simple and practical methods to help you experience the truth of who you are and to support you in developing practices of consciously creating the life you dream of.

Our Beliefs

Caragh Miranda Coaching:

dreamnipotence is a part of Caragh Miranda Coaching and shares the same fundamental beliefs and core values.

Our Fundamental Beliefs

These beliefs are the foundation of our approach.

We are energy: We believe that the truth of who you are, your essence, is energy. You are a part of the Creative Source and you are magnificent!  Our approach is to create the space for you to experience and embody this feeling; the feeling of being connected, of being magnificent. 

We all have inner wisdom: We believe that you are the only one who knows what feels right for you. Our approach is to create the space for you to practice finding your answers by connecting with your true self.

We all have free will: We believe that you always have a choice in what you say, think and do. Our approach is to create the space for you to become aware of your choices and to create the practice of aligning them with your true self, with your inner wisdom.

We all have unlimited potential and power: We believe that your imagination is your source of unlimited potential and your belief is your source of unlimited power. If you can imagine it, you can create it. Our approach is to create the space for you to practice using your imagination consciously, while remaining connected to your essence. By doing this, you naturally develop the belief in yourself that is the key to your unlimited power.

We all create our reality: We believe that the way you experience your life, is based on your fundamental beliefs. Our approach is to create the space for you to become aware of your beliefs and for you to create the practice of cultivating beliefs that serve you; that bring more joy, peace and fulfillment to your life and are a source of support and guidance in challenging times.

Our Values

Our Core Values

These values guide us in the way we create and deliver our services. We hold ourselves to these values and invite you to explore them.

Here is what they mean to us:

accountability: is taking complete ownership of your thoughts, words and actions.

compassion: is having the ability to feel kindness and understanding for yourself and others.

practicality: is being of relevant use to you.

response-ability: is the ability to respond as your true self, you are ‘response-able.’

simplicity: is the ability to make things uncomplicated, they are easy to understand and use.

About Jo

Jo Caragh is a coach, speaker, and writer who develops programs designed to create the space for people to experience their truth and their power.

Jo believes that everyone’s essence is magnificent. She also believes that people are often not aware of, or connected to, their true self, their essence. Her experience has been that by allowing yourself to feel magnificent, even for a few minutes a day, you begin to cultivate new beliefs about yourself and the way things work. Life will continue to happen; what will change is the way in which you experience it. Jo’s familiarity with depression (culminating in a diagnosis of ‘major depressive disorder’) was ultimately the catalyst for developing dreamnipotence consciousness.

Experience is the key. When you feel the magnificence of who you truly are and begin to anchor this feeling through practice, you begin to see things differently. You start making different choices, ones that align with your truth, and you create a magnificent life. Just because you haven’t experienced it yet, doesn’t mean you can’t. Allow yourself to believe.’

Jo’s mission is to help you discover your truth, experience your magnificence and consciously create the life you came here to live; a life of peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Jo is a certified professional coach and holds a BA (Hons.) in psychology from York University in Toronto.

About George

George Miranda is a coach, speaker, personal program designer and professional firefighter who coaches people in finding their own inner wisdom and power. George knows that we create our own reality and that we are responsible for our life experiences. This awareness gives us the ability to be ourselves and create the life we truly choose. George has valuable experience coaching and training in competitive level sports and has studied personal development extensively. By serving the public in the most serious emergencies, he has seen the resilience and power that people have within to overcome adversity. George is an Acting Captain with Toronto Fire Services, Certified Interprovincial Electrician, holds a General Business Certificate from Centennial College, and is completing certification as a Certified Professional Coach.