About dreamnipotence

What is dreamnipotence consciousness?

1. Finding your answers to:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here (my purpose)?

2. Living your life on purpose and with purpose:

  • Consciously.
  • To fulfill your reason being here.

3. Loving yourself completely.

  • You are magnificent! If you don’t love yourself:
    • You don’t truly know yourself and/or
    • You are not fully being yourself

If you are willing to accept (at least for the moment) that the answer to the question ‘why am I here’ is that as a human being, my sole (soul) purpose is to BE ME, then we are back to the question ‘who am I’? The answer to that is not something to be explained, it is to be experienced, it is a feeling. That is what dreamnipotence consciousness does; it connects you to the feeling of YOU. As you become familiar with this feeling and consciously choose to align your thoughts, words, and actions with it, you gain the clarity necessary to live your life on purpose and with purpose. You create the life you truly dream of and you love yourself because you are actually being yourself.

How to create
‘dreamnipotence consciousness’.

know yourself
be yourself
believe in yourself

  1. Quiet the noise – breathe
  2. Connect with YOU – feel
  3. Align with your truth – choose
  4. Embody your belief – create

Practice, practice, practice

Our Foundation

To inspire a global phenomenon of people knowing and being who they truly are. To generate a wave of awareness that sets the space for people to live their lives ‘on purpose’; creating joy, peace and fulfillment beyond anything they ever thought possible.

To be the global hub for providing simple and practical approaches to creating dreamnipotence consciousness, so that every person on the planet can realize their magnificence.

Caragh Miranda Coaching:
dreamnipotence is a part of Caragh Miranda Coaching and shares the same fundamental beliefs and core values.

Our Fundamental Beliefs:
These beliefs are the foundation of our approach.

We have inner wisdom.

  • We all know what feels right for us, the answers are within.

We have free will.

  • We always have a choice in what we say, think and do.

We have unlimited power.

  • Our imagination is the source of unlimited potential and our belief is the source of unlimited power (if you can imagine it, you can create it).

We create our reality.

  • We are responsible for the way we experience our life, through our choices and beliefs.

Our Core Values:

accountability: taking ownership for your actions, choices and responses

compassion: the ability to feel kindness and understanding for yourself and others

practicality: being of relevant use to you

responsibility: the ability to respond as your true self

simplicity: uncomplicated, easy to understand

Create your ultimate


“the best achievable or imaginable of it’s kind”

Use dreamnipotence consciousness to create your ultimate life.

There is no need to suffer in this lifetime. Once you connect to the truth of who you are and realize the power you have to create your life, to be in the driver’s seat of your experience, suffering slips away.

Use the unlimited potential of your imagination and the unlimited power of your belief to serve you!

Embrace your magnificence,
you have everything you need!

How we work

Our part – We provide inspiration, guidance, support, and resources for you to develop your ability to:

  • notice the noise
  • use your imagination to serve you
  • connect to what feels right (your inner wisdom) 
    (know yourself)
  • make conscious aligned choices
    (be yourself)
  • create beliefs that serve you
  • master your unlimited power
    (believe in yourself)

Your part is to:

  • have the willingness, openness, courage and compassion to dive in
  • take responsibility for your experience
  • be true to yourself
  • have faith in the process and in yourself
  • enjoy the journey
About Jo

Jo Caragh is a coach, speaker, and writer who coaches women on creating the life they truly desire.

Jo knows that everyone is magnificent and has the power to live their life on purpose. Her experience with stress and depression (culminating in a diagnosis of ‘major depressive disorder’) led her to the understanding that suffering is unnecessary.

‘When you connect with the truth of who you are and disengage from the rest, the suffering slips away’.

Jo’s mission is to help you stay connected to your truth, embrace your magnificence and consciously create the life you came here to live; a life of peace, joy, and fulfillment beyond anything you ever thought possible.

Jo is a certified professional coach and holds a BA (Hons.) in psychology from York University in Toronto.

About George

George Miranda is a coach, speaker, personal program designer and professional firefighter who coaches people in finding their own inner wisdom and power.

George knows that we create our own reality and that we are responsible for our life experiences. This awareness gives us the ability to be ourselves and create the life we truly choose. George has valuable experience coaching and training in competitive level sports and has studied personal development extensively. By serving the public in the most serious emergencies, he has seen the resilience and power that people have within to overcome adversity.

George is an Acting Captain with Toronto Fire Services, Certified Interprovincial Electrician, holds a General Business Certificate from Centennial College, and is completing certification as a Certified Professional Coach.