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I want to feel good about myself.

I want to truly know myself, be myself and believe in myself.

I want to share dreamnipotence energy and awareness.

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What people are experiencing:

‘I have just now completed for the first time the first meditation. It was such an amazing experience that I didn’t want it to end. Your voice was so comforting that I easily felt myself enter the centre of the labyrinth and as easily started saying the affirmation over and over to myself. I found myself starting to grin and the grin grew until I well up with tears, tears of joy. I am looking forward to meditating every day with you!”

Anne – Trent Hills, Ontario

‘When I listened to the recording “I am magnificent”, I thought a lot: I am magnificent when I make my parents happy by chatting with them; I am magnificent when I am with my children when they need me; I am magnificent when I help my friends when they had difficulties; I am magnificent when I provide the best advice I can to my clients; I am magnificent when I am true to myself…

I really like your idea of encouraging people to create more peace, joy and fulfillment in their life, in my life, in each person’s life… I believe this positive feeling could be passed to our families, our friends, our work places , our communities, and the world that we live in. 

Hilda – Whitby, Ontario

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"The truth of who you are is not something to be explained, it is something to be experienced."